These Wedding Tips Will Make Your Foreign Wedding More

So you and your significant other are planning your wedding in a foreign country. That’s nice because nobody said you have to get married at home. It can seem easy enough for some but for others, we have a few tips below that might come in handy.

Location, Location, Location
Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect, this includes the location. Your guests need to leave the wedding festivities with memories that they’ll never forget. Your location also needs to show a reflection of your passions and style. Were you proposed to while vacationing in Costa Rica? Then planning a return visit for the big day may be in order.

Timing Is Everything
Unfortunately, we have no control over the weather but we do over the perfect time. If you do a little research of your wedding location you’ll easily find out the weather patterns. Does it have a rainy season? Then you’ll want to make sure to plan around it if you decide on an outside wedding. If you opt to wed during a locations high tourism period, you’ll need to reserve all accommodations immediately after the location is decided upon.

Visit Your Location
This has to be one of the most important tips to keep in mind. Taking a planning trip or two or three will give you the perfect visualization. When you arrive, scout the area out and reserve the spaces for your wedding venues. This includes guest hotels, catering vendors, photographers and the important florists. While you’re at the florist go ahead and check out the sample bouquets. On the other trips to your location make sure you hold a “tastings” session.

Include Extra Expenditures
There is no reason for a wedding held afar to cost a fortune. If you plan it right, it can cost the same as if you planned it at a similar location at home. Regardless, there are a few extra’s to consider before finalizing your foreign wedding. These could include special vendors like Wedding Photographer Mexico, decorators, supplying gifts for your guests and any extra activities you’ll want to include.

Check The Legalities
Make sure to check local law regarding foreign marriage. Many countries may require a certain amount of time in the country before you can be married. Make sure you research this aspect thoroughly so you have a clear understanding. The last thing you want is for your wedding to be null and void because of any requirement.